Scotch & Soda continues to elevate their offerings

The tagline underneath Scotch & Soda's main monarcher is Amsterdam Couture. On Sunday, September 11, when they presented their spring/summer 2017 collection, it was clear that they truly deserve that tagline. This was only their second time showing at New York Fashion Week, and again, they really took it to a whole new level.

The brand, which is working on growing their global presence, especially in America, showed us why they deserve the attention of the high fashion crowd. To debut their latest collection, they unveiled it in a presentation style format, which included spotlights, music, and a set that was like paradise. Models floated in the water on giant metal plates, and it almost seemed like if you were in the most fashionable Garden of Eden you could dream of.

Scotch & Soda continues to elevate their offerings

As for the clothes, the collection includes appliqués, feminine maxi dresses, and waists cinched with leather belts.

Scotch & Soda shows at New York Fashion Week for the second season in a row

The theme of the collection was "The World According to Heavenly Creatures", and heavenly the collection was. There was plenty of astrological and animal references in the collection, which gave a cosmic feeling, but the construction of the clothes was also very high fashion.

Arguably, there were dresses in the collection that could have gone toe-to-toe with the dresses of some luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana. As Scotch & Soda is now in several neighborhoods in New York City, arguably their largest American market, this is what they needed to do to compete with the other high end brands in some of their neighborhoods. Their SoHo store alone is just a stone's throw away from brands like Prada, Miu Miu, and Marc Jacobs.

While Scotch & Soda's women's line was designed to be very luxurious and flashy, their men's line was more minimalist, but still far from boring. Earth tones were major this spring, and very prevalent in Scotch & Soda's men's offerings.

Creative director Marlou van Engelen's construction abilities were on display with garments like double breasted blazers and anoraks.

Overall, it was a collection that really situated Scotch & Soda to compete in the high-end market. The brand has a promising future ahead of them in the U.S.

photo courtesy of Agency V

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