Rodarte coming back to New York Fashion Week in September

Rodarte is coming back home. New York Fashion Week seems to have lost a bit of its luster recently, after several relocations and a number of brands choosing to showcase their collections overseas instead. Rodarte was one of the first labels to jump ship, having switched from New York to Paris three seasons ago. In January, the American fashion house even ditched a fashion show altogether, opting to present its collection with a series of celebrity portraits. Those wondering if that would be Rodarte’s new modus operandi from now on, no longer need to worry: “we are excited to announce we will be showing our SS19 collection during NYC Fashion Week!”, said the brand yesterday on its Instagram profile.

One cannot help but wonder: will Rodarte’s homecoming inspire other brands to do the same? That remains to be seen.

Photo: Grimes photographed by Autumn De Wilde, Rodarte Facebook