Oneofakind Baton Rouge Fashion Week 2015 ended on a high note

Oneofakind Baton Rouge Fashion Week 2015 ended on a high note with their Big Night fashion show at Capitol Park Museum, Saturday night. Designers from all across the region showcased their own original pieces, leaving the Louisiana fashion community wanting more.

“It’s exhilarating to experience something that I and wonderful group of people work on so hard for so long come into fruition, to see it come to life the way that it did and also how it’s been received so warmly by the public,” said OBRFW founder and executive producer Brandon D. Campbell. Campbell and his team spent months creating the sold out show.

Oneofakind Baton Rouge Fashion Week 2015 ended on a high note

“The show was great, it gets better every year, and this year it was very creative, and was perfect for Baton Rouge,” said Chenese Lewis, 2015 OBRFW Fashion Icon Award winner.

OBRFW represented every aspect of the fashion community including non-clothing items. Christopher Youngstar, a Dallas designer, translates his artistic expression by combining body art with clothing.

“It’s a different form of art, most of the time when you go into a fashion show you’ll see mostly clothes, but this is something different. When you see the body art intertwine with fashion it brings a different feel to the fashion show, it’s art,” said Youngstar. Youngstar’s fashion collection include black and white artwork that had a modern classic to it.

The fashion presented Saturday night was for all ages and genders. Ms Smitty; a Maumelle, Arkansas located brand; showcased its fashion line for young sophisticated young girls ranging from 3 years of age to 12. Pieces in Ms. Smitty collection included a white princess tutu ensemble with shimmery décor, a black halter with matching tutu, and the designer personal favorite, a black and blue tutu with a green and blue leopard top.

“It’s more rewarding seeing the smiles on their faces. I like to make them feel like a princess,” designer Jennifer Smith, said about her reasoning for designing for young girls.

One of the best things about OBRFW is that it allows first time designers to showcase their designs and allow them to experience the fashion world in a whole new light.

“I’m a new designer. It teaches us the technical side to design and the business side to the fashion world. You have to be ready to showcase to the public and it can work for or work against you,” said Eric Prestley, a designer from Louisiana State University’s department of Textile, Apparel Design and Merchandising. Other LSU student designers included Ki’Yada Jenkins, Jane Gressaffa and Nimia Cabrera.

Local designer and LSU student, Peyton Simms debuted her clothing line, Perfectly Taylored, to her hometown. Taylor describes her spring/summer collection as “comfortable, but chic” and described the label to be “for young to older women.” Her collection includes various tees and tanks centered on her love for Paris. Her favorite piece from her collection is her tank that states “à mourir pour,” which translates to “die for” in French.

Though some of the designers are not from the Baton Rouge area, one designer expressed her love for the city through her collection. “Simply kind” was the one of the inspiration for Cupani’s collection for fashion week. In love with the people, and the landscape in Baton Rouge, she uses pastel colors of Baton Rouge in her crochet style of clothing. To the designer, she has no favorite piece of clothing in her collection because each represents something that has meaning to her.

Only using balloons as clothing, Balloonatic Fashions closed OBRFW with individual looks representing its own sense of individuality and style. Balloonatic Fashions stylist Jamie Jones described using balloons as fashion as a “new trend of art in the fashion world.” The collection finale look was a red halter dress worn by 2014 OBRFW and Little Rock Fashion Week Model of the Year, Faith Laureles.

Campbell also displayed his clothing brand iME at OBRFW.

“Presenting iME at OBRFW holds a special place in my heart as an experience, because I debuted iME here last year. Every chance I get to showcase my creativity in another format is always a very sentimental, but also fulfilling thing to do.”

Though OBRFW 2015 ended, viewers can expect a bigger and better showing for the following year. Campbell hinted what next year will hold for the public.

“Sticking to what works, but adding what makes it better to enhance the experience is the plan. Come up with new things that challenge me, but also the public in fashion. I want to push the envelope.”

Push the envelope is exactly what OBRFW did in 2015.

OBRFW 2015 sponsorship partners included Oneofakind Talent Inc., Capitol Park Museum, Louisiana Museum of Art, The Roux House, Boudreaux & Thibodeaux’s, Chef John Folse Events, Blush Magazine, Balloonatic Fashions, SoSis, Annie Claire Designs, Crème’ de la’ Crème Accessories, iME Clothing, FashionUnited, Southern Flair blog, Foster the Fashion blog, Geaux Health & Fitness Magazine, Hotel Indigo, Crowne Plaza, and Visit Baton Rouge.