NYFW, fashion continues to reinvent itself

One of the most amazing things about fashion is how designers manage to churn out dramatically different looks season after season. Fashion is constantly looking for new things to draw inspiration from, because even though all designers hold true to an aesthetic, they can't keep doing the same thing season after season. This season, designers proved once again that fashion is constantly something reinventing itself and giving the public something new.

Naeem Khan, whose dresses are worn by the likes of Julie Bowen and Carrie Underwood, drew his inspiration for his collection from flowers. Now, while many may have the classic "The Devil Wears Prada" line playing in their head of "Florals for spring? Groundbreaking." Khan's collection actually was groundbreaking and innovative. While on vacation in Mexico for his wife's 60th birthday, the designer hosted a Frida Kahlo themed party for her where everyone was expected to really dress the part with florals, headdresses and all.

NYFW, fashion continues to reinvent itself

He then took a trip to the Meditteranean where his obsession with flowers grew. He also looked to Sophia Loren and Grace Kelly as inspiration for the collection. His choice of muses is also proof that the new can draw inspiration from the old to create something fresh and trendy. His collection was very heavy on the embellishments, and each look was red carpet worthy. It won't be long before these collections are seen on celebrities come awards show season.

Naeem Khan, Marchesa, and Greg Lauren keep it fresh and new for Fashion Week

Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman of Marchesa were all about looking toward the future for this collection, business wise that is, there is no space age Jetson's inspired clothing here. This season, the designers used fluffy feathered skirts and 3-D embroideries of flora and fauna. The collection was princess worthy, and had a fairytale like feel to it. What better way to keep it fresh than to appeal to a woman's fairytale fantasies.

The father of reinvention this Fashion Week would have to be Greg Lauren. The designer continued with the same theme from his NYFW: Men's show in July of desert storm, but the real standout pieces in this collection were his accessories. The designer's thigh high boots and booties really helped emphasize in deconstructed futuristic Western inspired outfits helping to elevate them to a luxurious tier. If there is one way to keep a collection fresh and new it's emphasizing the accessories, which can really help transform a whole outfit.

In another glorious day for NYFW, fashion proves that it is always looking towards what is next. Even when it is drawing inspiration from the old, it is creating a statement for the now. Nothing's ever really the same, and that's what keeps the industry exciting.

photo1:Naeem Khan via luxelookbook.me
photo2:Greg Lauren via accessoriesmagazine.com