New York Mayor Bill de Blasio kicks off Made Fashion Week

It is only so often that the worlds of fashion and politics collide. When they do, though, the results can be extraordinary. Such was last night, February 11th, 2015. Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke at New York’s Milk Studio on 5 p.m. Friday kicking off Made Fashion Week. At the event de Blasio discussed new initiatives and legislation for the fashion industry, and everyone in the room was sure to be left smiling because de Blasio’s initiatives were very promising.

The mayor has committed a whopping 15 million dollars for NYC based fashion companies. Talk about economic stimulus, that’s for sure, and with fashion being one of the few industries that has actually brought jobs back to the U.S. there was no one giving too much criticism of the Democratic mayors efforts. During his remarks at Made Fashion Week de Blasio boasted how New York Fashion Week (NYFW) has helped create 180,000 jobs, pay 11 billion dollars in wages, and generate close to 2 billion dollars in tax revenue.

NYC Mayor commits 15 million dollars to the fashion industry

He’s a political man who clearly realizes the relevance of fashion, not just as an art form, but to the entire structure of our global economy. Last year the city gave 5 million to the fashion industry, and now de Blasio plans to triple those efforts with money being allocated towards scholarships, grants, internships, and bridge-loans for front-end purchase orders. If this won’t help do even more wonders for the fashion industry and New York City’s economy who knows what will.

While de Blasio may have spent the nights making jokes about his own sense of style, there is no question that New York’s mayor has more than a tremendous amount of respect for those who give us style. "I know we can help this industry move forward. I know this industry can help New York City move forward and make us evermore be the fashion capital of the world,” de Blasio said during his remarks.

While de Blasio might have been making jokes about himself in the fashion department, his wife, Chirlane McCray, was certainly nothing to laugh at. Whoever said you can’t wear white after Labor Day clearly needed to see McCray’s white Anna Quan jacket, because she was certainly a vision. The First Lady of New York recognizes that when you are the First Lady of the fashion capital of the world there is no room for error when it comes to style.

If de Blasio’s commitment to providing the fashion industry with capital isn’t enough to impress fashion lovers, the mayor also added in a little something extra for those international high fashion lovers. He has proposed to name a street in New York after legendary fashion designer and recently deceased Oscar de la Renta. Everyone was dying to know where the street would be located, but de Blasio kept the intricate details of the piece of legislation that was signed February 5th, 2015 very quiet, instead choosing to focus on the designer’s legacy and his contributions to the fashion industry. So far, the public does know that the bill will re-name a total of 56 thoroughfares and public spaces, that’s certainly a whole lot of de la Renta to be stomping your stiletto heels on.

Made Fashion Week began six years ago as a way to bridge the world of sports, technology, and fashion, and is clearly beginning to find its political roots as well. In addition to opening the door for Mayor de Blasio to bring politics into the conversation, Made Fashion Week is also going to have shows from Wes Gordon, KTZ, Astrid Andersen, Brock Collection, Thaddeus O'Neil, Joyrich, Ammerman Schlosberg, Marissa Webb, Sandy Liang, and Sons of William, Chromat, Jeremy Scott, The Blonds, Baja East, Cushnie Et Ochs, Patrik Ervell, Tim Coppens, and Dion Lee, and offsite shows from Nicopanda and Public School. Between Made Fashion Week and Mayor de Blasio’s efforts fashion is continuing a very promising future in NYC. "The great thing about fashion is that it always looks forward," said de Blasio, quoting de la Renta at the conclusion of his remarks, and what a beautiful direction it is moving in.