NEUBYRNE to debut their Spring/ Summer 2018 collection on the Nolcha Shows runway during New York Fashion Week.

Neubyrne designer Martha majored in English and minored in French at the University of the South: Sewanee.`

During her junior year, she studied at the Sorbonne where French classes became more of a runway showcase than a learning center. It was always all about the fashion. After Paris, it was clear fashion would be in her future.

However, her dreams of starting a fashion line crashed one week before her college graduation. The night of May 5, 2013 she was a front-seat passenger in an automobile accident. Martha barely survived with a severed ear, broken ribs and back, and a traumatic brain injury. After a year of rehabilitation battling short-term memory loss and impairment of executive functions, Martha made a miraculous recovery.

Martha took this second chance to do what she loves, to communicate through a platform where she could inspire, connect, and create. Fashion became her outlet to inspire others to endure and overcome. It may sound trite, but clichés have to originate from something real and true.

The Neubyrne Spring/Summer 2018 collection draws inspiration from walking down the streets of Hoi An, Vietnam, where Martha noticed a mask that immediately caught her eye. The texture, the face, the colors…Martha knew right then and there that this little man was something special and now he is the face of this collection. That is what makes Neubyrne so exciting; the possibility of travel, of exposure to different cultures and different ways of life. You never know what you will discover or how it will inspire you. That is what the brand want to harness with this collection and every collection thereafter. That curiosity for the unknown. For exploration. That’s Neubyrne.

One of the SS18 collection materials this season is the beautifully intricate hand woven cloth from the Ta Oi Tribe, which features their symbolic language woven into the material. For this season the brand worked in rural Vietnam, which they did with their partners Fashion4Freedom, who provide a unique approach to enabling designers like Martha to access culture, craft and communities for collaboration.

Neubyrne thrives on the extraordinary. Always be extra. Too much color? Nah. Never. Reinvention never looked so good.

Neubyrne will debut their Spring/Summer 2018 collection on the Nolcha Shows runway on September 8th during New York Fashion Week. For more information visit: