Mercedes – Benz Fashion Week Panama 2016 Details

Mercedes – Benz Fashion Week Panama is celebrating its 15 years. After starting with a two-day project that was called Days of Fashion around 2001, and being a mediatic and commercial platform that has joined the creators of fashion that belong to the Panamanian Creative Industry and other countries from Central and south America, and countries from the first world such as England, Belgium, United States of America, Spain, Italy, among others, the event positions itself as a pillar of commercial attraction, and it's helping the tourism industry because of bloggers, influencers, and international press.

The Tourism Authority, as a main ally, along with Copa Airlines, a Panamanian airline, and institutions such as MICI, are joining forces with more interest year after year. Private companies like Mercedes – Benz, Mall Multiplaza Pacific, Scotia Bank, and Nescafe Dolce Gusto, bet their investments in the importance of making the Creative Industry of Panama the best of the region.

Mercedes – Benz Fashion Week Panama 2016 Details

  • There are today at least 300 entrepreneurs of the Creative Industry in our country, and at least 150 in the fashion area, among the ones we can mention are accessory, fashion, and shoe designers, among other businesses.
  • We welcome between 8,000 and 10,000 people each year in the Fashion Week
  • We generate more than 300 accreditations for journalists, media, and bloggers, in which there are at least 100 who are international.
  • Close to 100 designers related to the fashion business will have some sort of participation in the event, whether it is in the fair area or the runway.
  • 32 runways that meet more than 50 designers, of which 29 are individual runways and 3 collective runways that meet designers in one participation during the 3 days that the event last, and we count with the participation of more than 100 models
  • Fashion Week Panama counts with the help of more than 150 people working backstage. Among them are the stylists, makeup artists, and production assistants.
  • At least 80 exhibitors will be present in the fair area to sell their products at incredible prices
  • On the inaugural day, October the 13th, Lidia Minota opens Mercedes – Benz Fashion Week Panama with a runway followed by 4 other designers of which 2 are national and 2 are international.
  • Six showcases are for the benefit of non-profit organizations that participate in the event. The VIP show presents Anna Francesca Blasser and the well - recognized Spanish haute designer Isabel Sanchis. This VIP is benefit for the Fundacion Espacio Creativo, which works through art and dance with children at risk. It costs $75

The other showcases include 4 to 5 runways for $40. The interested will be have the opportunity of enjoying the runways of national and international designers that will benefit non-profit organizations such as:

  • Fundación Jesus Luz de Oportunidades
  • Asociación Cambiando Vidas
  • Juventud Casa Esperanza
  • Voluntariado Ayoudas
  • Patronato de Nutrición

The showcase that is on Friday at 9:00PM has been established as OPEN HOUSE for emerging designers and it presents 4 runways in which there will be the four finalists of the Hot Couture from Nescafé Dolce Gusto that will be celebrated for a third consecutive year.

This year, we will have a showcase that we have called MODA EN LA TARDE (Fashion in the Afternoon), which will be presented on Saturday at 4:00PM and has a cost of $20. It includes the presentation of 5 fashion design students, along with the runway of Panamanian fashion designer Annie Chanjin, and Mexican designer Chan Chan.

Photo: Dario Moreno