LFW to showcase international collections by emerging designers

London Fashion Week is positioning itself as a launchpad for international emerging designers with a platform to showcase fashion talent from around the world.

In partnership with the BRC, LCF, UAL, British Council and Somerset house, the International Fashion Showcase (IFS) will show the work of sixteen designers from Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, India, Georgia, Italy, Kenya, Lebanon, Lithuania, Netherlands, Rwanda, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Uruguay and Vietnam.

Showcase highlights

Duran Lantink from the Netherlands - whose ‘vagina’ trousers drew global attention in Janelle Monae’s PYNK video - will present Straight from the sale bins questioning the permanent state of sale and discount in the fashion industry.

Cedric Mizero will use objects from everyday life in a Rwandan village to draw attention to the marginalised communities and cultures in his country. However, rather than focus on the negatives often associated with rural life in a developing country, Mizero will celebrate the wealth of village life.

Tom Trandt – the founder of Môi Ðiên in Vietnam - will use UV lights to reveal embroidered slogans of protest about his home country where dissent is illegal.

Thebe Magugu from South Africa seeks innovative ways to present women and their role within South African society today. HIs designs feature motifs from Africa’s story-rich past but with a forward-looking, global approach. His installation will illustrate the profound changes in South Africa.

Sarah Mower MBE British Fashion Council Ambassador for Emerging Talent and Chief Critic at Vogue.com, said in a statement: “As vast, daunting and digitally-driven as the fashion industry can be, the most vital, exciting ideas often originate from self-expression and personal relationships. This year, by inviting the 16 emerging designers to London for a summer residency, the International Fashion Showcase took the principle of fostering personal exchange and interaction to the next level. The results of the experience were unexpectedly electric for all involved. Put simply, the knowledge, eye-opening conversations and creative energy sparked in all directions across the group.”

LFW to showcase international collections by emerging designers

The exhibition will be free for both industry and public visitors, celebrating global talent whilst discovering emerging designers that may otherwise not be seen on the radar.

The designers will be supported through a bespoke online programme, developed by London College of Fashion, UAL, which will cover all aspects of business development from branding to sales and production to sustainability.

The designers were given a residency to immerse themselves in the creative community of Somerset House Studios, spending time with experts from London College of Fashion, UAL reviewing their businesses and development as bonafide fashion companies.

In recognition of the participants' creativity and innovation, an award will be presented to one designer during London Fashion Week February 2019. The winner will be decided by a panel of cultural and commercial fashion experts chaired by Sarah Mower MBE, BFC Ambassador for Emerging Talent and Chief Critic Vogue.com.

Images courtesy of British Fashion Council