This London Fashion Week, sustainable fashion designer Bethany Williams used her on-scheduled slot to share her new gender-neutral capsule coat collection, exclusively for Selfridges. The short film was less of a fashion presentation, and more of a look at how the British designer works, with Williams […]

One of the unexpected reveals of London Fashion Week was a short film of never-before-seen footage of of Alexander McQueen. Live-streaming one time only on the website of Fashionscout, the consultancy and platform for emerging talent, the premiere of the short film featuring Super 8 footage shot by […]

For its fall/winter 2021 digital showcase, Concept Koreapresented the designers of Wnderkammer, ul:kin, and Jarret. The digital showcase featured special appearances from Korean Pop stars, including Tomorrow x Together’s Yeonjun, WayV’s YangYang & soloist Bibi. photos: courtesy of Purple PR

C+plus Series designer C.T. Liu was inspired by famed psychologist Sigmund Freud’s concept of the ID, ego and super-ego within psychoanalytical theory that describes the activities and interactions of the mental life of a person — where that mental life is the function of an apparatus to which we describe […]

Pre-2020, the day before London Fashion Week would see buyers, press and influencers organising their tickets and schedule for the week ahead, however, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic means that this season’s autumn/winter 2021 collections will be showcase entirely digitally.  In September, a handful […]

As the women’s ready to wear shows start off yet another digital season, what will happen to the fashion industry in 2021? Companies must pay attention to five trends that Covid-19 accelerated as our new normal, according to insights by McKinsey. These are a drop in demand, a substantial shift to digital […]

Flying Solo was one of the few physical shows this season at New York Fashion Week. The entire show totaled 77 looks, and featured a series of up-and-coming brands including Nicholisadora, Glim Studios, Luckynelly, and Julianna Heels. Flying Solo’s mission is to bring fresh, innovative designers all […]

We might be grounded until further notice as we all dream of traveling again, but until then Victor Li is here to fulfill the void with some domestic travel inspiration. The designer’s yearning for the beauty of what we can discover within America’s borders became a definitive part of artistic representation […]

Flying Solo had the distinction of being one of the few physical fashion shows for New York Fashion Week (NYFW) this season. The collective, which is a hub and platform for emerging designers, many of whom are international, has become a prominent space for up-and-comers who buck conventional notions […]

The highly anticipated preliminary schedule for Paris Fashion Week has been revealed. The schedule currently features 93 brands who will be presenting their fall/winter 2021 collections in what is expected to be another purely digital format given France’s strict coronavirus lockdown measures. Notably […]