1-7 of October was held the third season of the professional fashion week - Fashion Week SS 2017, which includes a multilevel program to promote fashion brands on the domestic and international markets and is essential for the development of the fashion-industry of the Southeast region and as a whole.

Exactly 100 fashion show was held in three seasons Odessa Fashion Week, which was attended by 83 unique designer, 35 of which for the first time presented their debut collection, and fought for the title of best young designer in the contest New Fashion Generation. 18 workshops with the participation of 12 insider fashion-industry took place in the framework of the educational program.


Odessa Fashion Week is also actively developing its international relations, as evidenced by the expansion of geography of participants and the fact that Odessa became the second city in Ukraine, which hosts a professional fashion week, included in the official schedule of the international calendar of fashion weeks on release fashionunited.com

The event was held with the support of the Odessa City Council, represented by Director of the Department of International Relations Svetlana Boeva, Odessa regional state administration in the person of Advisor to the Chairman of Humanitarian Affairs Nadezhda Jaschan and Odessa Diplomatic Club, which brings together all the foreign embassies and honorary consulates in the southern region, in the face Club director Anatoly Popov.

1st of October was held the Grand Opening of the third season of the professional Fashion Week - Odessa Fashion Week SS a favorite place of fashionable public city – Concert-Hall “Sady Pobedy”, which is equipped with a professional audio equipment of world-class American firm Meyer Sound, and the lightsystem is based on professional equipment American firm High End Systems.

With the welcoming speech at the scene Luxury Concert-Hall “Sady Pobedy” made by the organizer of the Odessa Fashion Week, Zarina Semeniuk, adviser to the chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration of Humanitarian Affairs Nadezhda Jaschan, deputy chairman of the Odessa Regional Council Dimchoglo Yuri, Director of the Odessa diplomatic club Anatoly Popov.


Guests saw screenings of and foreign designers: MISS DM, SNEZHANA GOROBETS, GOSHA ALTSHULER, IONEL / MOLDOVA /.

All guests of the evening was entertainingn oblebeverages company "WINES OF THE WORLD", which is a great selection of exclusive spirits from all over the world. Also, "WINES OF THE WORLD" and «ARK SPA PALACE» held a prize draw for all the guests.

The brand of luxury jewelry "Cameya" has provided a real fashion-photo zone for shows visitors. For the safety of the participants and guests of the Fashion Week, responded Public Security Service "SOB".

In addition to displays of famous Ukrainian and foreign designers for guests made the talented Belarusian singer Olga Satsiuk with this international music program, as well as in the evening presentation of the new video clip Ukrainian artist with roots Odessa Slava Voinikov "Yak bi meni ne vpasti."

Throughout the evening worked Trade Fashion Zone - territory on which were presented clothes, shoes and accessories of the Ukrainian and foreign designers that each of the guests could also be purchased.

2nd of October started the second day of the Fashion Week, shows in Philharmonic. Philharmonic Concert Hall was converted into a professional platform for the fashion show, designed for 700 spectators. His collection Season SS 2017 from the following brands: ANGEL WEST, VOLOBUEVA-BASARAB, NIKOLE COLLECTION / BULGARIA /, TOMASHEVSKY&StorGe.

A pleasant surprise was the news that the person advertising campaign Fashion Week SS 2017 model Amazonka models agency Diana Teplova in the evening appeared on the podium in a show of cult Italian brand VALENTINO under the Fashion Week.

Oct. 3 began with a competition for young designers NEW FASHION GENERATION, who opened two Belarusian brand: LEPOS and OLGA MAZKO ATELIER. Also their collections from the following brands: LOANII STAR, MADAME TYUR'E, UMED ART COLLECTION / TAJIKISTAN /, ALEKSANDRAS POGREBNOJUS / LITHUANIA /.

Among the guests were the third day shows Consul General in Chekhlov Vladimir and representative of the Honorary Consulate of in Alla Gorbenkova.

Musical guests of the evening were the singer Olga Satsiuk from , singer Daler Iqbal and group Premier Project.

Oct. 4 the final day of the main shows of young designers competition continued in the Odessa Philharmonic Theater NEW FASHION GENERATION, in which the following brands were presented: BLACKTORY, DARIY, VARDIKYAN, YG 21 BY GUL, KIRA STROGETSKYH. Also their collections SS 2017 season from the following brands: FL BY ALYONA ALEKSANDROVA and MOOD - MILENA ORZECHOWSKA DESIGN / POLAND /. Support Polish designer on the show came to the Consul General of in Dariusz Szewczyk. The consul said that the Polish-Ukrainian ties only grow stronger thanks to the cultural and fashion events as Fashion Week.

Musical guests of the evening were a cover band Odessa Premier Project.

In the Small hall of the Odessa State Philharmonic worked Trade Fashion Zone - an area in which the clothes were presented, shoes and accessories Ukrainian and foreign designers, and every guest was able to purchase any of the items presented.

From 5 to 7 of as part of the Fashion Week, held series of free educational events. Since 05 October, at the base of FASHION HUB UAL passed PUBLIC TALK with TRENDON - on the agenda was the topic "Creating a Ukrainian fashion-market in recent times." Pavel Panfilov, Igor Pilipishin and Alexander Kiriyenko told about the formation of the Association of Ukrainian designers, its main objectives and benefits for its members.

Oct. 6 as part of the Odessa Fashion Week, welcome opened the doors of a new timofeev design studio for SALE OUT FW 2016-17 collection and presentation of the new collection Love Without Borders SS 17. TIMOFEEV DESIGN STUDIO, according to the designer Daniel Timofeev, must become a place of "collection points" all mods , which will combine a showroom and studio.

Also on October 6 on the basis of FASHION HUB UAL master classes conducted stylist, teacher of Ukrainian Fashion Academy Alla Lisogor on "Fashion Psychology" and stylist, image-maker, director, art director of the Journal of Business Zavarnik Galina Moskvina made a theme: «Fashion Consulting: how to create a fashion brand. "

Oct. the Concert-Hall "Sady Pobedy" held a master class the chief editor of L'Officiel-online Dasha Zarivnaya on "Features fashion-journalism in the online edition and monetization."

Immediately after the master class was held the closing ceremony of Odessa Fashion Week, in which the audience saw shows ANNA ZHABNIAK, YULINKA, FLOREA MIHAELA / MOLDOVA /, UMED ART COLLECTION / TAJIKISTAN /, MOOD - MILENA ORZECHOWSKA DESIGN / POLAND /. Close displays the third season of Fashion Week had the honor of rapidly developing brand ELEN GODIS.

Musical guests of the evening were team-transformer Premier Project, Moldavian singer Polina Stefoglo and Tajik singer Daler Iqbal. Several video premiere took place in the framework of the closing of the Odessa Fashion Week: Belarusian singer Olga Satsiuk presented the video for the song "Insomnia", which was filmed during the second season of Odessa Fashion Week, a creative tandem TOMASHEVSKY& STORGE presented the audience a mini-movie about his new collection Synergy.

The main outcome of the evening was the award ceremony of all participants Fashion Week: Designers and models, partners and sponsors, make-up artists, hairdressers and volunteers.

His collection for the jury of the contest of young designers NEW FASHION GENERATION presented: BLACKTORY, DARIY, VARDIKYAN, YG 21 BY YANA GUL, KIRA STROGETSKYH, GALERY of STYLE: LEPOS, OLGA MAZKO ATELIER / BELARUS /. Each member of the jury has chosen the "favorite" among young designers and presented him with his prize:

Ruslan Khvastov identify the best young designer of the season SS 2017, he became the designer Jana Gul (brand YG 21 BY YANA GUL), which has received from the founder of the Odessa Fashion Week Zarina Semeniuk opportunity to participate with a full collection of the fourth season, Odessa Fashion Week FW 2017-18.

Anastasia Satsiuk presented accommodation in the Journal of Ukrainian Fashion Academy (3 turn) and hold a fashion-shoot brand BLACKTORY.

Sergey Bielawski granted free participation in the project design and the model of art "gallery style", Minsk absolutely all the participants.

Vasiliy Galushkin provide professional shooting fashion-story for the KIRA STROGETSKYH.

Galina Moskvina awarded a special prize by the educational company Don Stream Education Group, the official representative of the University of Arts London, - the creation of a creative portfolio VARDIKYAN brand.

Marina Ovcharenko hold fashion-shoot for the brand DARIY, and Inna Lotishko remove video about a young brand with VARDIKYAN broadcast on Odessa Fashion Channel.

The best international designers recognized UmedKuchkaliev (UMED ART COLLECTION / TAJIKISTAN /) and Milena Orzechowska (MOOD / POLAND /).

Organizers Odessa Fashion Week seek to promote not only designers, but also the models, without which no cost, no Fashion Week, and prepared part in the fashion photo shoot for the magazine Ukrainian Fashion Academy the models that showed the best fashion shows throughout Fashion Week: Christina Kotikova and Anastasia Martsinenko (Amazonka models agency).

The best model of the season SS 2017 to the end of hits was Maria Zagorodnyuk (Amazonka models agency), which will be the face of the next advertising campaign Odessa Fashion Week FW 2017-18. Best male model was the representative model agency Royal Family – Garik Gasparyan.

Since Odessa Fashion Week is the official representative of the Roma Fashion Week in Ukraine and Moldova, so as part of the Fashion Week, held Odessa also a qualifying round of designers to participate in the Roma Fashion Week on favorable terms. The jury gave the opportunity the following brands: TOMASHEVSKY&StorGe, ELEN GODIS, MISS DM, MOOD - MILENA ORZECHOWSKA DESIGN / POLAND /, UMED ART COLLECTION / TAJIKISTAN /.

Advisor to Chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration of Humanitarian Affairs Nadezhda Jaschan awarded certificates for "significant achievements in professional activity and personal contribution to the development of the fashion industry Odessa region" following brands TOMASHEVSKY, STORGE, MISS DM and ELEN GODIS. Also awarded the Diploma of the event organizer - Zarina Semeniuk.

Finished third season of professional fashion week in Odessa, but organizers are already looking forward to the new international developments in the fourth season of Odessa Fashion Week FW 2017-18!