New York Fashion Week to relocate once more

London - The fashion industry is consistently changing and New York Fashion Week is no exception to the rule, as the fashion week is set to move its primary show location once more. The move comes as NYFW shortens its upcoming womenswear edition by one day.

Since decamping from Bryant Park back in 2010, the biannual fashion event has moved its hub two times and is set to relocate once more. Following its five-year tenure at the Lincoln Centre, New York Fashion Week moved to Skylight Clarkson Square and Skylight Moynihan Station in 2015. But from 2018 onwards the fashion week, which was taken over by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, have confirmed NYFW will be leaving its main venue in Skylight Clarkson Square.

The move sees the sixth edition of New York Fashion Week Men’s taking place in several locations across the city, as the event continues to change its format. "The official venue of New York Fashion Week is New York City. The Skylight properties will no longer be an event space, so for season six of NYFW: Men’s in January and New York Fashion Week in February, there will no longer be a home base and the shows will be “decentralised,” said Steven Kolb, CEO of the CFDA in a statement.

Most of the larger designers showing at NYFW, such as Public School and Marc Jacobs, are unlikely to be affected by the move as they have been showing off-site for a number of seasons. But CFDA has vowed to continue supporting emerging designers, which may not be able to fund their own shows outside of the main venue.

“The entire fashion week landscape is going through tremendous evolution and we want to be sensitive to the needs of the designers and be cost-effective,” said Mark Beckham, vice president of marketing at the CFDA to WWD. “So if a designer is creating an original film, perhaps they can look at a screening room. If they’re planning a casual presentation, maybe an amazing penthouse would be better.”

Photo: Skylight Clarkson Square